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全自動EA程式交易軟件及使用課程 (海外課程)

Fully Automatic EA Program Trading Software

+ 8 days Application Courses (Overseas Courses)


The student can use the EA to place an order immediately

after completing the class.

Real Return, Real Kung Fu, Easy to learn, Easy to use





We will use a one-month journey in my course.

So practically applied to your automated trading

So avoid taking some wrong roads



課堂篇 (Information) (5天)

實戰篇 (Enter the Market) (3天)



The course is divided into 7 days, and  you go see the return once after the courses.

🎯 If you are pursuing stable investment skills, but you can't take too much risk...

🎯 Welcome to join us, the course that may be the first educational intelligence trading program in HK


定期晚餐聚會, 加強人與人溝通, 技巧提升!

After the course is over:

Students can join previous groups. Although we will not provide advice on buying and selling,

we will raise important prices for each other, the timetable for data release, and the experience of winning and losing.

It’s always better to “walk together”than on the “personal”

! Regular dinner parties, strengthen communication between people, improve skills!

                   註:所以課堂由Don Wong  現場任教 (Live) -(粵語)

Whole Course is taught by Don Wong  - Cantonese Ver

付款後,請提供入數紙 / Credit Card confirmation Screen Cap (填寫你的名字及聯絡電話)到

Whatsapp: +852-9841 0630 (Admin)、以確認留位。

  • 新增”支付寶 /微信支付/PayMe”  功能,如需要使用付款 ,請與我們聯絡。

  • 報名後請留意電話,會有專人聯絡你們上課的時間及地點。

  • 注意:除非課程取消,學費不予退還如有問題請與我們聯繫,謝謝。

After payment, please provide the Credit Card Confirm Screen Cap (fill in your name and contact number)

to Whatsapp: +852-9841 0630 (Admin) to confirm your stay.

  • Added "Alipay / WeChat Payment / PayMe" function, if you need to use payment, please contact us.

  • Please pay attention to the call after registration, there will be someone to contact you.

  • Note: Unless the course is cancelled, the tuition fee will not be refunded.

  • If you have any questions, please contact us, thank you.

【報名及查詢熱線 Registration and Enquiry Hotline】🌸whatsapp: +852 98410630 (Admin)







Who is suitable for the course?

課程詳情 Course Details

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[Theory is less than practice, that is, learning to Auto Trading, a Course is enough to change your life]

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