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Financial Freestyle was established by a number of financial practitioners. Many of the founders have been engaged in banking, personal finance, and foreign exchange industries for more than 10 years, including two years of full-time experience, among which are automated intelligent trading software and applications. Due to the general stock or foreign exchange participants' understanding of automated intelligent trading, the application skills are very strange. Therefore, our workshop hopes to organize friends who are interested in using the automated intelligent trading software to participate in the market, sharing the success tips through lectures and courses,  and building up a new automation model.



  • 透過定期舉辨講座和課程,向同學灌輸導師多硏發自動化智能交易軟件及應用的專業知識、技巧和經驗法門。

  • 就外匯巿場的不同波動市況,作出獨到的分析及預測,設計出一套行之有效的自動化軟件。

  • 協助及定期跟進會員的進度,鼓勵會員分享硏發各自成果,努力打造全港最大的智能交易團隊。

  • 輕鬆賺錢不是夢,大家一起實現躺著賺美金的偉大夢想!

  • Through regular lectures and courses, students will be taught the expertise, skills and experience of the instructors to develop automated intelligent trading software and applications.

  • In the different market conditions of the foreign exchange market, we made unique analysis and forecasting and designed a set of effective automation software.

  • To assist and regularly follow up on the progress of members, encourage members to share their achievements and strive to build the largest intelligent trading team in Hong Kong

  • It’s not a dream to make money easily. Let’s realize the great dream of lying down and earning dollars!

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